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A Fresh New Start

Rome Fire Department has the same mission we had over 50 years ago when our department was founded, protect life, and preserve property. However, most recently we've seen a lot of changes to our community and to the role our department plays in it. Increased population and commercial development have naturally increased our call volume and a greater demand for training and preparation for a vast amount of emergency situations that arise in Rome Township.

As we prepare for a new year, we're also taking extra steps to prepare for a new ideology and atmosphere in our department. An atmosphere that fosters the specialty interests of our staff which helps us pinpoint specific training and learning environments to better serve our residents and visitors. We'll also take major strides in becoming a "21st Century" department utilizing the latest technology at our disposal to help aid in fire prevention, education, incident pre-planning, and disaster preparedness.

We hope you like the fresh new look of our website and our department. We are committed to serving you to the best of our abilities, and as always we appreciate your continued support.

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